How to Build A Human

If you have ever entertained the thought of becoming a doctor, you’ve probably heard of the book called Gray’s Anatomy. Not to be confused with the long-running, American TV show Grey’s Anatomy. No, this almost-1600 page book was written by an English anatomist, Henry Gray. It was illustrated by Henry Vandyke Carter, also an anatomist and surgeon. Now on its 41st edition, this book is the foundation for anatomy and physiology today.

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How Did They Do It?

What does it take to write and draw the most comprehensive anatomy book in medical history? Lots of cadavers. Henry and Henry dissected unwanted bodies from hospitals and mortuaries. And in about a year and a half, had all the information they needed to produce this anatomy book. Today, there are both American and British versions of Gray’s Anatomy. And in 2015, there are even online commentaries and digital videos and images.

Significance of Gray’s Anatomy

This book was originally written with medical students and surgeons in mind. Because it became so popular and so widespread, what Henry and Henry chose to draw and put into that book is now the basis for our understanding of the human body. Yes, technology may have given us more insight, but we’re only looking deeper because of the direction that Gray’s Anatomy gave us. Thanks to 18 months dissecting discarded cadavers and meticulous observation, anyone can open this book up and learn about the human body.

Influence On Us

In case you haven’t noticed, we have lots of jewelry pieces of human body parts. From the bones of the hand to the inner ear anatomy, we have almost enough pieces to assemble a full human being! The illustrations of Carter were so detailed and inspirational that they reach far beyond just medicine. We bet he didn’t think it would reach as far as 3D jewelry printing though!

Piecing Together A Person from Our Shop

What do you need to make a person? Well, you’ll need a brain and a skull. Then you’ll want some important organs, like the heart, lungs, digestive system, and kidneys. Of course, you’ll want your person to be able to move about and grab things to leg bones, feet, and hands are necessary too. And finally, you want to give them a spine so they aren’t pushed around too easily. Want more details? No problem. Give your ScienceJewelry1824 human a hyoid bone or a mandible. Our collection of human body parts would also make a great gift for surgeons, doctors, illustrators, and of course… those starry-eyed pre-med students.

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