Internal Scaffolding

Everyone needs a support system in life. Without friends, family, and people to keep us going in tough times, small challenges might seem insurmountable. This is why we wanted to use this newsletter this week to give you some ideas on how you might thank your support system with pieces from our store. And nothing says support like bones and skulls! This internal support system (for humans at least) allows us to stand up straight, walk, run, and move. Without it we’d be a mushy pile of flesh and soft tissue. Keep reading to figure out which bone to pick this holiday season!

skull and sphenoid bone necklaces - science jewelry

Human Skulls

Skulls are brain houses. They keep our brains safe and they give depth and character to our faces. Without these head bones, our big brains would bruise and bounce off rocks and stones and it would be highly unlikely that our ancestors would have lived long enough to discover fire and eventually, the internet. Our human skull collection pieces make a great gift for that brainy friend or partner that supports you – at work, at home, or at school.

Animal Skulls

Not everyone gets help from just humans. Support can come from animals as well. Whether we’re talking about a service dog or a pet goat, animals help us through dark times. They listen, never talk back, never argue, and are there unconditionally for us. Our animal skull pieces are perfect for that friend that relies on a special non-human to get through their day.

Long Bones

Long bones are the bones in our arms and our legs. They allow us to move, climb, jump, and do all sorts of acrobatics. Our long bone pieces make the perfect gift for that football player with a strong leg. Or that rock climber who can do a one handed pull-up. And feel free to throw in a hand or foot piece, because long bones work best when they’re paired with tarsals, metatarsals, and a few phalanges.

Back Bones

You’ll want to be a little careful with how you word your Christmas card if you decide to buy someone a spine. Make sure you let them know that they are like the spine, supporting you in a flexible and strong way. You can even say something like how they’re the atlas that holds up your world. Whatever you do, try not to imply that they’re the ones in need of a spine!

Funny Bones

The funny bone doesn’t exist. That tingly feeling you get when you bang your elbow on something hard is just your ulnar nerve. The good news is that 1) we have an elbow necklace for you to give someone a funny bone for Christmas this year! And 2) any other bone can be a fun bone, under the right circumstances. Give the gift of the pelvis for those who love to shake it on the dance floor. Or the mandible for a chatty friend. Or how about a set of shoulder bones for that friend who just broke all of theirs!

Whether you decide to make your bone gift funny, fun, or serious this year, know that we’ve got you covered when it comes to the gift of anatomy.

written by Science with Evie


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