Is Valentine’s Day Still Happening?

This year, we must celebrate Valentine’s Day apart. That means no hugging, no crowded restaurants, no sharing wine glasses, and it’s probably not a good idea to kiss strangers. But thanks to science and free international DHL shipping, there are still ways to feel the love this year.

Warm Fuzzies

You might not be a big fan of commitment or relationships, but everyone enjoys the warm fuzzies. That’s because we’re all wired to produce and enjoy the effects of oxytocin. It’s not called the bonding hormone for nothing! The great part about oxytocin is that you can get it from lots of things – chocolate, puppies, kittens, and even giving yourself a foot massage. Hug your pup, cat, or that giant chocolate bar close to your heart this Valentine’s Day weekend.

The Rush

Falling in love and being in love means high levels of not just oxytocin, but dopamine and serotonin as well. Without swiping on online dating apps, you can get the same rush. Did we mention that chocolate helps with oxytocin? It helps with dopamine and serotonin production too! That’s probably why Valentine’s Day is all about giving people chocolate gifts. But the ultimate combo of food for dopamine production is fat and sugar. That means, cakes, cookies, pies, and ice cream. These desserts will light up your brain like Valentine’s Day fireworks.

The Afterglow

Does your heart start pounding faster when your crush walks by? You can thank adrenaline for that. It’s also why you have trouble sleeping in the beginning stages of falling in love. To get that same feeling, we suggest a horror movie, running, or partaking in some adrenaline-spiking activity, like kite surfing or bungee jumping. Afterward, your hands will shake, your heart will feel like it’s about to jump out of your rib cage, and once you’ve calmed down, you’ll be surrounded by that soothing afterglow.

Formula for Love

We’ve dissected down love into its various parts, now it’s time for you to combine them. Love chocolate but want to add some adrenaline? We’ve got you covered with theobromine hoops and adrenaline necklace. Combine horror movies with your love for cuddling dogs with our dog skull necklace. Try that sugar and fat combo with a foot massage with our glucose hoops, phospholipid necklace, and foot anatomy piece. Remember, when you shop with us, our type of love is 0 calories and totally risk free. We’ll even deliver it straight to your door. Head over to our atelier and get the magic started.

written by Science with Evie


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