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Jewelry meets Science



At somersault18:24 we care very much about science and what it can do to make our world a better place.
We are scientists for as long as we can remember and want to give science the attention it deserves.
For obvious reasons we adopt to the scientific method and go step by step.
A key step in this process was the implementation of science-inspired jewelry.


neuron necklace in sterling silver

We decided to start spreading awareness via scientist like ourselves.
But instead of motivating them to talk about their passion and spread the word, we turned things around.
We use science inspired jewelry as a trigger to start conversations about science and as such spread awareness.
It is a small step, but we believe in its effect and impact.

DNA ring in sterling silver

This shop is for you if you are passionate about science and want to reflect it in the jewelry you wear.
There is so much beauty in science, this is your chance to show it to the world and open other people's eyes.
We add new designs almost every week. It's a growing collection and we try to cover as many 
scientific disciplines as possible.

DNA necklace in sterling silver

there is more...
By wearing this pendant you support science education. That's right, we will invest 5$ of the profit in educational resources for scientists, students and teachers. Our goal is to make all these resources available for everyone. Read more about it here

Hope you like it.
From our heart.

Idoya & Luk

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