Bespoke bling bang:
custom creations
for your inner geek!

Ventured through our vault of science jewelry without finding the genetic match for your taste? Your search doesn't end here. At science jewelry 18:24, your passion for life's intricate biology or other sciences is our canvas. Our custom design service transforms your scientific curiosity into a wearable emblem of elegance.

The craft of

Whether it's the delicate framework of a leaf, the sturdy bonds of a DNA helix, or the mysterious depths of neural pathways, we sculpt with precision to mirror the marvels of the natural world. Our promise: every piece is a harmonious blend of your vision and our craftsmanship, priced thoughtfully to respect your investments in both science and style.

Begin the

Initiate your bespoke journey with a click. Reach out to us via email to begin crafting your personalized piece of science inspired jewelry. We'll guide you from initial sketches to a digital preview, ensuring your jewelry is a perfect reflection of your unique biological blueprint.