human growth hormone necklace | silver

human growth hormone necklace


€ 175


45 cm chain included

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Athletes and Cows

Growth hormones have a very obvious job, they stimulate your cells to grow. Normally, this means wound healing, getting taller/going through puberty, building muscles, and even milk production. But as human beings would have it, we tend to use synthetic growth hormones for strange purposes, such as doping in athletic events (now banned) and making cows product more milk (highly regulated and controversial). Though the “off-brand” use of growth hormone tends to dominate the headlines, you wouldn’t be sitting there in your adult form without this wonderful peptide hormone. So, get your own hGH necklace or buy it for a friend. It’s perfect for endocrinologists, pediatricians, ER and trauma ward healthcare specialists.


Cellular Biology

Step into the fascinating world of cellular biology through our unique jewelry designs. These pieces serve as wearable reflections of life's microscopic wonders, capturing the aesthetics of DNA strands, cellular formations, and more. Far from simple adornments, they spark dialogue and honor the captivating complexities found within biological research. Merging scientific accuracy with artistic flair, each creation offers a tactile experience that bridges the gap between scientific inquiry and aesthetic appreciation.

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