lizard earrings

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Cold-Blooded and Scaly

Lizards are the stuff of legends. Maybe it’s their cold-blooded stares, scaly skin, or sharp taloned claws, but humans have always inserted lizards into their legends and fairytales. Look around the world and you’ll see statues and drawings of all kinds of lizards. Then, of course, there are some hungry people who decided to just cook and eat these animals instead. Purchase our lizard earrings to celebrate these reptilian creatures. They also make a great gift for artists, chefs, zoologists, and starry-eyed exotic animal vet students.
  • A pair of sterling silver (97.5% silver) earring hoops (22 mm diameter)
  • A pair of silicone ear nuts
  • Hypoallergenic (100% nickel and lead-free), so no skin rashes or other irritations
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box (no need to search for one if it’s a present)
  • Cleaning cloth included, just to make sure the earrings never lose their shine
  • Delivered with our Certificate of Authenticity
  • For other materials (gold) please contact us