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Less Stable, More Useful

Everyone knows and loves DNA. It’s the sexy molecule of life that has spawned hundreds of books, films, and stories. But without RNA, the information in DNA would forever be locked in its double helix. RNA is the less stable, reusable, single-stranded version of DNA. Instead of thymine, it contains uracil. Since uracil requires less energy to make, one theory about the beginnings of life postulates that there was an RNA world on Earth before DNA eventually evolved. Celebrate this less popular sidekick of DNA. Because like Batman without Robin, the cellular plotline of making proteins wouldn’t be complete with RNA. Buy this necklace for yourself or give it as a gift to cell biologists, sidekicks, geneticists, and organic chemists.

You will get:

  • A durable sterling silver pendant (92.5% silver) that will last a lifetime
  • Delivered with a sterling silver chain with lobster clasp (ø 1.8 mm, 45 cm - 17.7”) that is easy to put on every day
  • Pendant width: 24 mm
  • Hypoallergenic (100% nickel and lead-free), so no skin rashes or other irritations
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box (no need to search for one if it’s a present)
  • Cleaning cloth included, just to make sure the necklace never loses its shine
  • Delivered with our Certificate of Authenticity
  • For other chain lengths or pendant materials (gold, platinum) please contact us