RNA cufflinks

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DNA’s Messenger

RNA looks quite similar to DNA, but instead of the twisted ladder, it looks like someone cut a ladder in half and twisted it. Aside from their funny shape, RNA, specifically messenger RNA, is the link between the message in DNA and the final product, protein. So, what better to hold your cuffs together than some RNA cufflinks? Purchase these pieces for yourself or for a friend. They make great gifts for biochemists, mRNA vaccine developers, molecular biologists, and that friend who needs a little science to jazz up their sleeves.
You will get:
  • A pair of sterling silver (92.5% silver) cufflinks
  • Length: 20 mm
  • Hypoallergenic (100% nickel and lead-free), so no skin rashes or other irritations
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box (no need to search for one if it’s a present)
  • Cleaning cloth included, just to make sure the earrings never lose their shine
  • Delivered with our Certificate of Authenticity
  • For other materials (gold) please contact us