theobromine - 18K gold plated

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Bitter and Basic

Did you know that chocolate isn’t sweet? Companies use a ton (not literally) of sugar and milk to make it so. Chocolate is actually the opposite of sweet and theobromine is the alkaline found in the cacao plant that gives it its natural bitter taste. Aside from its flavor, theobromine also has antioxidant properties, hence why nutrition advice often includes eating dark chocolate! Purchase the theobromine necklace to show your love for the dark and the bitter. It also makes a great gift for fellow chocolate lovers, nutritionists, dieticians, and starry-eyed chemistry students.

you'll get:

  • 18K gold plated brass pendant
  • Delivered with a 14K gold plated chain with lobster clasp (45 cm - 17.7")
  • Pendant: 24 mm
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Certificate of Authenticity included