uterus - 18K gold plated

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Cradle of Life

Like with any organ, when the uterus functions properly, no one says anything. However, when it starts to grow tissue elsewhere causing endometriosis, creating cysts, and generally being problematic, our lives get turned upside down. Taking care of your uterus means understanding when it is upset and catching any issues in the early stages. If you and your uterus have been through some long hard journeys, then this necklace is for you. It also makes a great gift for fellow endometriosis survivors, OBGYNs, gynecological nurses, and starry-eyed pre-med students.

you'll get:

  • 18K gold plated brass pendant
  • Delivered with a 14K gold plated chain with lobster clasp (45 cm - 17.7")
  • Pendant: 18 mm
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Certificate of Authenticity included