chloroplast necklace | silver
chloroplast necklace | silver
chloroplast necklace | silver
chloroplast necklace | silver

chloroplast necklace


€ 180


45 cm chain included

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The Results Of Endosymbiosis

Did you know that chloroplast was once a free-living cell? Somewhere along the way, it entered into a relationship with a larger cell and ended up losing its freedom. Today, this cell is in a permanent dependent relationship, unable to live on its own and spending all day turning sunlight into sugar for its host. It still retains some genetic material, just enough so that it can make copies of itself during mitosis for the daughter cells. We know, this seems like a sad story, but without this cellular takeover, the world might still be full of prokaryotes! Buy this chloroplast necklace for yourself or for botanists, microbiologists, evolutionary scientists, and organic chemists.



In a world where art and science often exist in separate realms, our "Curiosities" collection serves as a harmonious confluence. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of scientific phenomena not covered elsewhere. Each piece is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of wonder. It's jewelry that doesn't just adorn; it educates and fascinates, sparking conversations about the lesser-explored but equally awe-inspiring facets of our universe.

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