collagen - 18K gold plated

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Inject, Drink, Or Consume

There is no fountain of youth. There is however, a protein of youth. Collagen is the protein strands in our skin that give our skin that anti-gravity bounce. You can actually pay someone (a licensed medical professional) to inject collagen into your face and keep up that youthful appearance. Some people even choose to eat or drink this protein, though the jury is still out on whether or not this actually helps. Now, we’re no plastic surgeons, but we do know that good accessories are another key piece in looking young and fresh. Instead of needles, we offer this gold-plated collagen necklace as an alternative. It also makes a great gift for beauticians, dermatologists, spa technicians, and starry-eyed future plastic surgeons.

  • 18K gold plated brass
  • Delivered with a 14K gold plated chain with lobster clasp (45 cm - 17.7")
  • Pendant width: 35 mm
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Certificate of Authenticity included