tardigrade - 18K gold plated

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They’re Not Piglets Or Bears

Repeat this mantra - tardigrades are only tough when they’re in their tuns. This little inhabitant of moss is squishy, lovable, and microscopic. Contrary to popular belief, naked tardigrades are quite fragile, succumbing to parasites, pollution, and even predators. In their tuns, however, they can survive the vacuum of space. Simply rehydrate and they get right back to business. Our gold-plated tardigrade necklace is the exception to the rule, it’s pretty indestructible. Buy it for yourself or give it to a microbiologist, a NASA researcher, a biologist, or a tough but lovable friend.

  • 18K gold plated brass
  • Delivered with a 14K gold plated chain with lobster clasp (45 cm - 17.7")
  • Pendant: 22 mm
  • Packed in a beautiful gift box
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Certificate of Authenticity included